Why SmokeMasterAllenD Needs Two Lesbian 420Submissive WordPress Slaves!



this blog is under construction as “dates,etc. need to be changed”.


Regardless of what may happen to me from November 2013 onward, and Regardless of “Who You Folks Actually Are” that have been heroically and faithfully helping me with WordPress from the San Francisco area since early April of 2012, I want you to know that “I love you” for stepping in to try to help me be heard on the Internet before I am very possibly killed by the Mafia, the Illuminati, the U.S. Government or by whomever. This same goes for Mark J in Florida.  You are all heroes whom are deeply loved by me, and always will be.   Incidentally, lately not only do I have no fear whatsoever, I have been Quite Optimistic—> The Power of the Internet may actually save me.  Who knows?  Only God, and perhaps Google—> they seem to be the second most powerful thing on this earth to God.  Allen D


I need a few obedient WordPress Slaves, the More Obedient the Better!

No one person on their own has enough time to juggle 21 Revolutionary Patriot Movement WordPress Websites that are all Under Construction at once>>>Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s Active WordPress Website List As Of November 2, 2013 is as follows:

All of the Images Shown Below are Clickable, and will lead to the Website shown.

Our WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team’s<>Primary Patriot Movement WordPress Website!—>

20 Supporting WordPress Websites to the Primary Patriot Movement One of SweetSixteenWebsites.WordPress.com:

If my WordPress 420Slaves are Not Obedient Enough 4 ME, I am just gonna smoke ‘em up more AND MORE! until they are VERY OBEDIENT TO ME! I like to Keep My WordPress 420Slaves Very Submissive!, Very Obedient!! and Very Stoned!!!>>>at all times! when they are working… and I am gonna make ‘em work a REAL LOT! because America and the World need our help badly!

“Who says we can’t have fun while WordPress working?”—>

So let’s all get stoned! have a few laughs and some food perhaps—> and then—>

Get to work!—>

For America first! and the World to follow suit!


Notable Quotes

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them. Jeff Jarvis

The desire to write grows with writing. Desiderius Erasmus

My desire to write grows when I am working as a member of a WordPress Collaborative Team! rather than working alone. Allen Dee

My desire to write grows even more when I’m stoned! SmokeMasterAllenDee

My desire to write would grow even more if I lived in a household in the San Francisco area that was psychologically and otherwise supportive of a WordPress Activist like me! Who will have me come this April after I wrap up things here in Albany New York? I bring love, laughter, willing hands, a self supporting SSD income, and a good heart wherever I go! and a promise to quit the cigarettes and/or smoke outside until I do! Allen Darman


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Do not read any further if sexual content is not your flavor!

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*SmokeMasterAllenD *LOVES!* Giving U2 Lesbian *420Submissive!!! Serf Bears And WordPress Slaves!!! *Smoky Bear *420*ORDERS!!!* *U2* Very Submissive Stony Bears!!! MUST OBEY MY ORDERS!!! AT ALL TIMES!!! (1-16-2013)


Come Over HERE NOW U2!!!

420MasterMe! is GOING TO SMOKE U2 UP!!!


That’s AN ORDER!!!

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!


RIGHT NOW!!!  U2 WordPress Slaves 4MasterMe!