Some Notable Quotes By Allen D And Others (12-21-2013)

I do not like to write – I like to have written. Gloria SteinemThe desire to write grows with writing.Desidareitus??? ErasmusI love to write! I will never lose my love for the Use of Truthful Words and the incredibly useful and versatile website development platform called WordPress!Allen DGive me a Good Place 2 Write in San Francisco proper or the SF Bay Area and the Good Company of a Supportive and Loving Friend or Friends! and I will develop WordPress and dot com Websites supporting (a) the 1st Internet Woodstock, (b) Patriot Movement Educational Courses, and (c) a Justifiable Revolution in America until the cows come home!  Allen DThe first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them. Jeff Jarvis

As much as I write, I try to read something and learn from something that someone else has written every single day.Allen D

My desire to write grows when I am working as a member of a WordPress Collaborative Team! rather than working alone. Allen D

My desire to write grows even more when I’m stoned! SmokeMasterAllenD

My desire to write would grow even more if I lived in a household in the San Francisco area that was psychologically and otherwise supportive of a WordPress Activist like me! Who will have me as a co-resident in the San Francisco Bay Area this January 1st 2014? I bring love, laughter, willing hands, a self supporting $1,600 a month SSD income, and a good heart wherever I go! and a promise to quit the cigarettes, use lozenges or an electronic cigarette and/or smoke outside until I do! Allen D

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.Carol Burnett

Words, once they become made into a professionally prepared WordPress blog, can Change the World!Allen D

Can Words Make Dreams Come True? I sure hope so! ’cause Words and WordPress is All I’ve Got!Allen D

Old Wars Were Fought With Bullets And Bombs *New Wars Will Be Fought With Printed And Spoken Words On The Internet* Humanity Has Finally Progressed!Allen D and his Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Team!

Gary Cooper played the leading role in two movies that are very dear to my heart. The first one was “High Noon” about a bunch of bad guys coming to town, and the townspeople would not stand up for their Marshall… Gary Cooper. This was kind of how I felt for over two years while the Mafia repeatedly tried to kill me (hopefully we have finally made friends), and no one would act in my behalf until some WordPress heroes in San Francisco and Florida finally stood up for me! and later Google, WordPress, Jim Humble, Lesley Carter, Samantha Adams, Dennis Spain, Adam Trombly and many others joined them! The second Gary Cooper movie that is dear to my heart is “Sergeant York”. In this movie Gary Cooper was a reluctant and unassuming hero who would take no money for what he did. However, when he returned to Tennessee and the love of his life after fighting in WWI the state of Tennessee had bought Gary a piece of bottom land and built a house for him on it! I cannot watch this movie without crying at the end, and typing these words I am crying now. What more can I say?Allen D

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.Anais Nin

My great ideas usually come from those first few hits on a freshly loaded bong!Allen D

Be obscure clearly.E.B. White

Is my writing more obscure or less obscure when I’m stoned? I’m stoned right now! You decide.Allen D

For Moral Reasons I lost my Good Credit about 13 years ago.  I stiffed all of my Creditors in the Fall of 2000 by Changing Directions with the Use of All of the Fiscal Resources that I Had At My Disposal, and dumping a house I had recently bought. I did so for the Sake of the Human Race. In essence, for Justifiable Moral Reasons in the year 2000 I made the righteous decision to Give Up My Good Credit because “I had no other choice”.Allen D

There was a Time when the Smart Move was for those helping me with WordPress in the San Francisco area were wise to remain anonymous. However, Times Have Changed. The Smart Move Now is for those helping me anonymously in the San Francisco area to Come Out of the Closet and Meet Me in the San Francisco Public Library to figure things out from here. Our Team’s Primary Goal is to start the 1st Internet Woodstock hosted in San Francisco this July. This is a very fundable venture, and I strongly believe that Google is interested in being one of the funders. My problem with making this happen is that my phone and email communication has been clipped, and this fact makes it nearly impossible to approach Google Ventures and other venture capitalist funders with a business plan. We as a team could do this, but by myself things are going to get held up or even stopped, due in part to my “communication problem”—> one that will never go away.Allen D

Out of the past four years, almost all of my assassination attempts I underwent were in the first three. This past year, I only had one man that I met in Medford OR that I strongly believe was Mafia connected. I have become too well known in Silicon Valley for the Mafia to kill me. In addition to this, the Mafia knows that I fully understand that “they cannot be cut out of the deal”, and that my intent is to insure that they fiscally benefit from whatever I may do. I do not feel nearly as threatened by the Mafia as I used to. Despite this, it is wise for me to always remain VERY cautious, as many times as the Mafia has tried to kill me.Allen D

It took me a while to overcome my fear of the Mafia. It may take those helping me anonymously a while too. However, I am certain that this is what has to happen—> and that this is what you folks need to do. The Mafia does not want to mess with Google and Facebook, and Both Google and Facebook are my Friends. Twitter probably is too. The Mafia’s strength prior to a Free and Open Internet was that “they could kill in secret and get away with it”. Due to the Power of a Free and Open Internet they can do this no more, especially if they don’t succeed the first time around—> because it really hurts them when people like me escape their clutches again and again, and spread what is happening to them All Over the Internet.Allen D

The Company underlying WordPress called Automattic can Change American and World History if it Gets Behind this Internet Woodstock Idea and Openly Supports it, as well as Openly Supports my heroic WordPress Collaborative Team. If the Smart Folks at Automattic develop a workable Internet Woodstock Plan, and approach Google with it, this would be far superior to myself alone trying to approach Google with “a severely impaired ability to communicate by email or phone”.Allen D

No matter what you anonymous heroes decide, I will love you for the rest of my life for what you have done for me. I am simply trying to give you some Good Advice in the above.Allen D

I walk around San Francisco alone and at night without fear. If the Mafia kills me, Google will react big time, and so will Facebook 2, I think. I have completely lost my fears of dying, and I am so Glad that I am finally here!Allen D

There is a Free Christmas Dinner put on in memory of Tenderloin Tessie at the First Unitarian Church on 1187 Franklin Street on Christmas Day. Think things over—> and then Meet Me there! I know you heroes will make the Right Choice to meet with me eventually. Use Your Smarts and do so before January 1st. Otherwise, a good portion of my Jan. SSD check will be spent poorly on a housing choice that may not be “Our Best Option”.Allen D

Again, no matter what you decide, I will move forward here as best as I can, and—> I love you all. Amen.Allen D

Why SmokeMasterAllenD Needs Two Lesbian 420Submissive WordPress Slaves!

this blog is under construction as “dates,etc. need to be changed”.


Regardless of what may happen to me from November 2013 onward, and Regardless of “Who You Folks Actually Are” that have been heroically and faithfully helping me with WordPress from the San Francisco area since early April of 2012, I want you to know that “I love you” for stepping in to try to help me be heard on the Internet before I am very possibly killed by the Mafia, the Illuminati, the U.S. Government or by whomever. This same goes for Mark J in Florida.  You are all heroes whom are deeply loved by me, and always will be.   Incidentally, lately not only do I have no fear whatsoever, I have been Quite Optimistic—> The Power of the Internet may actually save me.  Who knows?  Only God, and perhaps Google—> they seem to be the second most powerful thing on this earth to God.  Allen D


I need a few obedient WordPress Slaves, the More Obedient the Better!

No one person on their own has enough time to juggle 21 Revolutionary Patriot Movement WordPress Websites that are all Under Construction at once>>>Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s Active WordPress Website List As Of November 2, 2013 is as follows:

All of the Images Shown Below are Clickable, and will lead to the Website shown.

Our WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team’s<>Primary Patriot Movement WordPress Website!—>

20 Supporting WordPress Websites to the Primary Patriot Movement One of

If my WordPress 420Slaves are Not Obedient Enough 4 ME, I am just gonna smoke ‘em up more AND MORE! until they are VERY OBEDIENT TO ME! I like to Keep My WordPress 420Slaves Very Submissive!, Very Obedient!! and Very Stoned!!!>>>at all times! when they are working… and I am gonna make ‘em work a REAL LOT! because America and the World need our help badly!

“Who says we can’t have fun while WordPress working?”—>

So let’s all get stoned! have a few laughs and some food perhaps—> and then—>

Get to work!—>

For America first! and the World to follow suit!


Notable Quotes

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them. Jeff Jarvis

The desire to write grows with writing. Desiderius Erasmus

My desire to write grows when I am working as a member of a WordPress Collaborative Team! rather than working alone. Allen Dee

My desire to write grows even more when I’m stoned! SmokeMasterAllenDee

My desire to write would grow even more if I lived in a household in the San Francisco area that was psychologically and otherwise supportive of a WordPress Activist like me! Who will have me come this April after I wrap up things here in Albany New York? I bring love, laughter, willing hands, a self supporting SSD income, and a good heart wherever I go! and a promise to quit the cigarettes and/or smoke outside until I do! Allen Darman


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Do not read any further if sexual content is not your flavor!

420AdultXXX About

Warning! Adult420XXX Material With Love Attached! (12-10-2012)

Addressed To My 2 San Franscico Lesbian 420Sub WordPress Slaves…

Will u2 Both Marry Me? I Love *Who u2 Are* and *The Choices u2 Have Made*

I have felt a Great Deal Of Love 4 u2 4 Quite Some Time Now.

I Cannot Help But Ask u2…

Will u2 Marry Me? Either In Spirit Or On Paper?

I Could Not Ask 4 Two Better Life Partners!

*U2 Watch My Back And I’ll Watch Yours* is how the saying goes.

*I Am Obedient to God at All Times*

*U2 Must Be Obedient 2 Me At All Times 2!*

*Back Rubs Between Us Are Always OK… Because Human Touch Can Transfer Love Without Sex Getting In the Way!*

I Would Be Good at Playing *Masseuse* for *My 420 Submissive Lesbian Serf Bears and Slaves*…

And *I Will Train u2 Well 2 Be Very Good 4 Me This Way!* U2 Are Going to Be Very Pleased with me Back-Rub-Wise! Back Rubs* Ever Given by Me to u2 *Need to Be Earned By u2 First* By *Long Hours* Of *Stoned Dogpress Work* 4 *Your Bong Boss and WordPress Master* of Course!

There may be a Few Exceptions to the Above, But Don’t Count On It!

Me: Do u2 Stoned Dogpress Slaves Fully Understand The Above?

U2: Yes Master! Yes Master!

Me: Say It Again!

U2: Master!! Yes Master!!

Me: Louder This Time!!!

Yes Master!!! Yes Master!!!

Now Let’s *GET u2 REAL STONED* 4 *Me*… *Your Bong Boss and WordPress Master!!!*

Yesss Master!!!!! Yesss Master!!!!!


And Then…



And bring Something to Drink and a Lighter for each of us…


I am Going to Get u2 Serf Bears Real Stoned and Veerrryyyy Submissive 2 Me!!!…

One: Oooohhh!!! YESSS MASTER!!!!!!

The Other: Ooooohhhh!!! YES!!! BOSSS BEAR!!!!!!!!

Both: Please get me this way for u!!!

Both: I want to be VERY SUBMISSIVE!!!!

Both: OBEDIENT! to My420MasterAllenD! ***AT ALL TIMES!!!***

Both: At ***ALL Times ***Master, ***I MUST DO WHATEVER YOU SAY!!! ***NO MATTER WHAT***

>>>>> 420SUBMISSIVE<<<<>>>StonieBEAR<<<<< and

>>>>>>>> One >>>>>>>>>>>>>>More Time!!! That’s AN ORDER!<<<<>>>>THAT U2BOTH<<<<>>>>>>MUST OBEY EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY!<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Both: Ooohh!Yes!!! MasterAllenD!!!<<>>>> I Want to >>>ALWAYS<<>>>>BeYour<<>>LESBIAN>>>>BongSUBMISSIVE<<>>StonieBear!<<>>>>SUPER<<STONED<>WordpressSlave!!!

Both: I Know! Ooohh! *IKNOW* THAT>>>I MUST GET >>>>>AS STONED<<>>AS >>>>>My MASTER!<<<<>>>>>>>>>MAKES ME GET!<<<<<<<<<<>>>>AND >>>>>
>>>>AT>>>>ALL Times!<<

Afterwards a bit… perhaps with a Bedroom Stop in between for My Two Sweetie Pies… (I AM GOING 2WATCH u2 A LOT of the Time! And Give U2 LOTS OF ORDERS when IamWatching U2!)

Me: *U2 Dogpress Slaves Are Both Going To Work 4 Me As Long As I Say!*

One: Oooohh!!! Yesss Master!!!!!

The Other: Oooohhhh!!!!! Yeessss Master!!!!!!!!

Both: *We both LOVE!* Being **Very Obedient!!**

***Very Submissive!!!!!***

*2 You!!!*

**Our 420WordpressMaster!!!**

***All Night and Day!!!***

All Three of Us: ***We3 are All Real Happy This Way!***


All Four of Us: We Are Doing Some of *The Best Work* In Both *AMERICA* And *The WORLD* ***REVOLUTION-WISE*** On *The INTERNET* Using The Incredibly Useful and Versatile Blogging Platform **CALLED WORDPRESS.**

All Four of Us: Follow Our *Six Primary WordPress Websites* in beginning *January 1st 2013*…

It May *Be Worthy* of Following *Some Or All* Of Our *Six Secondary WordPress Websites* beginning *January 1st 2013* as well.

We4: ***Watch Us4 Fly On WordPress!!! In January 2013***

And/Or *As Soon As Allen D Has The Use Of A Non-Hacker-Blocked Laptop*… and *He Is Not Restricted* to *the Use Of “Just A Single 3G Smart Phone”* in *Which to WordPress Blog*… as *He Is Now.*

All Four of Us: *Who Amongst U Has The Right to Judge Us* If *We4 Are A Little Different than U are?*… or *We4 Often Have a Little (or a Lot) of 420Fun?*

All Four of Us: *Come To The First Internet Woodstock!* Hosted *By We4 this July!* (Assuming that We4 Remain Alive and Free, of course!)

We4: *You’ll Sure Regret It!* If *You Don’t Reserve Some Time* For Travel to the SF Bay Area this July!

*We Are All Gonna Have a Ton of Music, Dance, 420, and Other Fun!* at *This First Internet Woodstock*…

And We Are Going To Topple Our *Corrupt Corporate and Mafia Controlled Federal Government* With *The Truth* at the Same Time!

Allen D and *His *Wordpress Website Development Team Of Four* (Mark Jaquith of is the Fourth… Please ***Place A Watch Over*** HIS LIFE AND THE LIVES OF HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY THE LATTER, AS THE MAFIA TRADITIONALLY THREATENS ONE’S CHILDREN.)


Notable Quotes

2012 Is Not The End of The World… It Is The End Of The Lies! Allen D

God gave me 2 Brave Genius *420Angels*!!! *Even If They Can’t Marry Me* **I Love Them Until Death Do Us Part!** ***For Sure!*** Allen D

And God Gave Me One More Genius American Hero named Mark Jaquith of To Fill Out Our Core Heroic Management Team Of Four.  SmokeMasterAllen D

An Interesting Article on Polyamory From Dean Garrison’s Great Website>

Legitimizing Polyamory Is The Next Battle In the War On Traditional Marriage

Posted by 

photo: theslowlane

Legalizing homosexual marriage was the gateway drug to the annihilation of traditional marriage. Since it was successful, the time has come for the turf war to expand to other deviant “relationships.” Polyamory is the next on the list. Polyamory is defined as an openmarriage, with people “bedding down multiple partners.” In other words, it is married people having as many sexual partners are they so desire, opposite sex or same-sex. Why shouldn’t this unnatural relationship be given legitimacy now that homosexual “marriage” is legal in many states? Once homosexual marriage was legalized it opened the floodgate. There is no legitimate reason why these outrageous relationships shouldn’t be deemed acceptable in society. The only relationship that will be deemed unacceptable is traditional marriage.

The dam has burst. Traditional marriage is now culturally insignificant. With homosexual “marriage” made legal in many states, the time has come for the most bizarre relationships to be given equality.

On Monday, ABC News decided to publicize a movement known as polyamory. Co-anchor Dan Harris said, “Just for a minute, let’s do a thought experiment. Let’s set aside all of the emotion and consider whether the evangelists for open marriagemight have a point.”

Later, he added, “More couples opting to become triples or fourples. Live-in lovers spicing up the marital bed, even helping raise the children.”

This is disgusting. The idea of multiple people sharing the martial bed, helping to raise each others children is more than disturbing. But in modern-day America, this lifestyle is becoming accepted. Polygamy is the being married to more than one person. It is illegal in the United States. But polyamory is about one couple bringing in multiple lovers into their homes. The ABC news profile didn’t make it seem bizarre. In fact, the report made it appear that this “arrangement” is becoming more common than ever before.

Michael has been happily married to Kamala Devi for 12 years, and the two share their California home with Michael’s live-in girlfriend, Rachel.

The trio, Michael, 49, Kamala Devi, 38, and Rachel, 27, live what’s called a “polyamorous” lifestyle. Rachel moved into Michael and Kamala Devi’s home six months ago. Kamala Devi said she allowed Rachel into their lives because “I saw Michael lit up and I saw him happy.” Monogamy is just not for them, she said.

The three are into meditation, yoga and Tantra sex.

We have a lot of sex and a lot of sex partners over the years,” Michael said.

Polyamory is glorified hedonism. It is engaging every sexual desire a person could have, without restraints. It is above all selfish. The arrangement is all about sex.

But it’s not just sex, but perverted sexual pleasure. These kinds of relationships have always existed on the fringes of society. But with the legalizing of homosexual “marriage,” polyamory shouldn’t be left out. Now all deviant sexual relationships can come to the forefront. What was once unfathomable is the new normal.

 ”We share life together,” Kamala Devi said. “It takes a village to raise a child and it feels really good to have that kind of support.”

This kind of “polyamorous” relationship is becoming increasingly common, experts say.

The divorce rate in the United States is over 50 percent. … People are not staying nearly as faithful they used to,” said Dr. Karen Stewart, a sex therapist in Los Angeles. “The world has become a much smaller place. We can seek out connections, there’s dating sites on every street corner. You can go anywhere to meet someone now.”

What this ABC news report is saying is that polyamory is the new answer to an increased divorce rate. So to combat divorce, spouses can see other lovers. It is acknowledging that people are not staying faithful to their spouses, and that this is okay. Polyamory is an arrangement where people can live in absolute freedom but still stay “married.”

What more can be expected from a culture that has abandoned traditional marriage? Polyamory is being portrayed as an arrangement built on “love” and “commitment.” Despite the numerous sexual partners, male or female.

Polyamory is not about being swingers,” Stewart said. “It’s not about the one-off weekend with the couple we met at the bar. It’s not about that. It’s about forming long and lasting and loving relationships.”

When asked if Devin, Michael and Kamala Devi’s young son, understood their living arrangement with Rachel, Michael said, “He understands the word ‘polyamory.’ He understands what that means. He doesn’t really know what sex is yet.”

Polyamory is complete depravity. For a culture that has deemed homosexual marriage acceptable, it is not surprising that relationships once completely unthinkable would become legitimized. This is 2013 America, and the war against traditional marriage is happening on all fronts. At the heart of it is a war on Christianity, and the Judeo-Christian values that this country was founded upon. The assault on traditional marriage just took another twisted turn.

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Some Words I Am Going To Park Here For A Bit

From A Person Named Courtney Donald on FB while using Messenger.

I hardly know this person, but she has my interest after the below.

My Dear, If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feeling that I have for you, I would have whispered them to you the first time we met. The best thing that I can do is to show you now. I love you so much, Sweetie. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are like the best poetry ever composed, the best song ever played, the best picture ever painted. I never thought that someone like me could get so lucky!